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  • Bryan Stephens, President and CEO, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

    In this episode of the Elevate Your Leadership podcast Bryan Stephens discusses how his foundation in leadership was developed throughout his 28-year career in the US Army. Vision, motivation, and standards of excellence are the foundation of Bryan's approach to leading. Leading self is equally important as leading the organization. Since taking the helm of the Hampton Roads Chamber, Mr. Stephens has lead the Chamber to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce “5 Star Accreditation”, an achievement only obtained by the top 1 percent of the over 7,200 Chamber’s in the Nation. Mr. Stephens was recognized on the Inside Businesses Top 25 list while also being on the Virginia 500 Power list for economic development. Listen as Bryan discusses the necessity for leaders to be selfless in their approach and core values should have meaning in all we do.

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Elevate Your Leadership

Elevate Your Leadership

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