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  • Bossy Girl Leadership with Kristal Murren

    Leadership is a balance between accountability and appreciation. Men and women communicate differently...and that's ok. Kristal discusses how we can respect these differences and use them to advance the mission of the organization. Mission first, teammates next, self interest after that. We dive deep on servant leadership and how to build bridges. Kristal "the Bossy Girl" Murren brings nearly two decades of proven experience in building leaders, inspiring teams, and training trainers. She has provided leadership development and consulting services across the Mid-Atlantic for clients such as: The Discovery Channel and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs among many others. Visit to learn more.

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Elevate Your Leadership

Elevate Your Leadership

Welcome to the Elevate Your Leadership podcast with me, your host, Bob Pizzini. This podcast will enable you to immediately advance your ability to lead... Read More