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  • Brittney Lincoln: This Franchise Fitness Boutique Concept Is Taking The Fitness World by Surprise EP 004

    Brittney Lincoln is the Director of Franchise Development at Xponential Fitness. Brittney has worked in franchise development for 9 years. 

    Before franchising, Brittney worked in advertising sales and started/owned a small retail business. She has a business degree from the University of Denver and resides in Denver, CO.

    Here are some details in what we discussed in the episode: 

    • The details of a fitness studio community and how small business owners have become their main clientele
    • How the process of being part of Xponential Fitness to become a franchisee
    • How important it is to educate new owners on the franchise brand
    • How COVID-19 impacted the fitness franchise and how they recovered

    I hope you will find this podcast as fascinating as I have. Brittney has a lot of inside information on a franchise type that has been severely impacted in the last couple months, but continued to thrive and even grow.

    Please let me know your thoughts!


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