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  • Andrew Cox: A Non-Surgical Medical Weight loss Franchise Is Changing The Industry For Better Results EP 009

    Physician-supervised franchise Medi-Weightloss has helped over 300,000 plus patients lose over seven-million pounds! This company has a solid record of supporting its members with medical knowledge and software technology. The business is exploding, especially helping people who have struggled with weight-gain during the COVID pandemic. 

    My guest today is Andrew Cox, Partner and Senior Vice President of Business Development at Medi-Weightloss. He is also the Senior Vice President of Physician’s Health Management, LLC in Tampa, Florida.

    Andrew gave a very thorough background into the company’s success and how it supports franchise owners, including:

    ·        Offering each franchisee, a dedicate support specialist.

    ·        A state-of-the-art EMR electronic medical record system – a $12-million investment.

    ·        The mandates and variables in each state for medical support teams.

    ·        A natural approach to weight loss and patient support.

    ·        The medical support and testing for onboarding a patient.

    ·        Telehealth demand and support.

    ·        Onboarding and franchisee application process.

    With only being open 30 to 40 hours a week, an average location is producing close to $900,000 in annual revenue.

    I’m excited for the growth and success of this company. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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