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  • Learn How COVID Has Affected Real Estate in 2020 and What Are The Resulting Trends We Are Seeing.

    Many industries have had to cope with the 2020 pandemic. In this episode, you'll learn how COVID has affected real estate in 2020 and what are the resulting trends we are seeing from it.

    Meet Rory Bloomfield, Director of Property and Business Growth for BG Wealth Properties (BGWP).

    Rory will cover:

    • How the last 6 months has impacted BGWP's business, both on the residential and commercial side
    • Rental market trends
    • How COVID has impacted the demand for real estate in major centres vs. secondary markets
    • Outlook in short term rentals and the vacation market
    • Why BG Wealth Properties invests in secondary markets and vacation properties
    • Real estate projections in the next 5 years

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