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  • Engineering with Terry Welch

    The career field I have most young adults interested in is engineering. Engineering is a demanding field with high paying salaries, and we are very fortunate to have our 7th podcast guest, Terry Welch who is the CEO of Sinclair Belgrave Energy. What engineering degree does he hold? Well, he actually has two! One degree in Electrical Engineering and a second in Chemical Engineering which made him an ideal podcast guest. Terry has worked for large companies such as Dow Chemical, BP and The Sinclair Group in positions from operations through the ranks to President and CEO. He’s a graduate of Lamar University, has an MBA from Northwood University and is a graduate of the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He shared he’s not a stereotypical engineer as he loves to be around people. Engineering has taught him to ask “Why?” which has led to his continued success in his field. It’s an honor to have him share his career story and words of wisdom for our future engineers.

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