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  • #30 Cultivating the Habit of Integrity, with Stuart Brody

    Find out your IQ - Integrity Quotient – with this quiz at posing dilemmas from life and work e.g. telling white lies to get out of a lunch appointment or getting out of agreements you've made.

    In this podcast episode of ‘Manage Self, Lead Others’ I interview renowned ethicist, Stuart H Brody, on how to cultivate the practice of integrity.


    His book, ‘The Law of Small Things: Creating a Habit of Integrity in a Culture of Mistrust’ is available on Amazon



    Stuart challenges the listener with some true-to-life ethical dilemmas and suggests even a ‘white lie’ habituates us to lack of truthfulness, making it considerably harder to be truthful in bigger things.


    He exposes our illusions of moral competence and urges us to practice integrity and truthfulness in the little things, so we can act with integrity in situations where consequences are far-reaching.


    Here’s the link to the video interview


     ·       If you start telling even white lies on small things, a process begins of avoiding truthfulness. And once that starts, it’s a slippery slope leading to bigger things.


    ·       There's a duty of truthfulness. People know a white lie is not the right thing to do. They know they're being lazy or self-interested or sparing someone's feelings, when really, it's sparing their own embarrassment. It's avoiding the obligation to come up with a truthful explanation of why you're canceling.


    ·       In the Integrity Intensive quiz one question is about a manager who confides to you they plan to lay off one of your colleagues. But you know that colleague is about to buy a new house; you're concerned if they don't have a job it might create financial disaster. That's a dilemma.


    You have both a duty of loyalty to your boss, but there's an implied duty of truthfulness with your friend who is about to buy a house. Now you're on the horns of a dilemma.


    You've got a duty of loyalty, one of truthfulness. These come up at work and they're always clashing.


    ·       Integrity is really the skill of identifying promises you make, both explicitly as well as implied, in everyday life. Implied promises are harder to see, yet most of the promises we make are implied.


    Renowned ethicist, Stu Brody has served prominently in law, politics and academia. He has appeared before the Supreme Court, written numerous articles on dispute settlement and employee relations, advised Presidential candidates, served as counsel to state government on ethics and lectures nationally on matters of ethics and integrity.


    Do the Integrity Quotient Quiz HERE.


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Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

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