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  • #33 Unwritten Ground Rules - UGRs® - that affect culture, with Steve Simpson

    UGRs® – Unwritten Ground Rules – are people’s perceptions of ‘this is the way we do things around here’.

    Examples of UGRs in the workplace include:

    • At our meetings it isn’t worth complaining because nothing will get done.
    • The only time anyone gets spoken to by the boss is when something is wrong.
    • The company talks about good customer service, but we know they don’t really mean it, so we don’t really have to worry about it.

    UGRs in a company constitutes its culture. Understand UGRs and we understand culture.


    Steve Simpson is author of two books including ‘UGRs: Cracking the Corporate Culture Code’ and co-author to a further three books, the latest being ‘A Culture Turned’.


    He has a Masters Degree from the University of Alberta, and was invited to undertake an Australian city lecture tour to co-present with Harvard University Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter.


    Contact Steve Simpson at and


    A Certified Virtual Presenter, Nina Sunday presents in-person in Australia and virtually internationally on transforming team culture and psychological safety. She's author of ‘Workplace Wisdom for 9 to thrive; proven tactics and hacks to get ahead in today’s workplace’, a selection of the C-Suite Book Club. 

    With a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education and qualified in film and television from the Australian Film, TV and Radio School, Nina is a past chapter president of Professional Speakers Australia, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and CVP (Certified Virtual Presenter).

    The Manage Self, Lead Others podcast is mainly for experienced and aspiring managers to explore ways to elevate and transform team culture. Each week, Nina Sunday speaks with key experts from Australia and across the globe who share their insights in self-leadership and leading others. Fiercely Australian, fiercely global.


    Nina frequents the speaking stage and is open to gigs. For more information visit or or follow Nina Sunday on LinkedIn

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Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

The Manage Self, Lead Others podcast on C-Suite Radio is a weekly show for experienced and aspiring people managers to explore ways to elevate and... Read More