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  • #70 People, Talent and L&D, with Workplace Mentor, Lori Luhrmann

    What does a People, Talent and Education Mentor do? I speak with Lori Luhrmann about her brilliant career (including being a jockey at age 14) and now with the Mounties Group in Sydney, Australia, Lori discusses what's top of mind with recruiting, onboarding and motivating people.

    The Mounties Group offers members and guests access to 9 Clubs and 2 Resorts plus businesses in Child Play, Fitness, Retirement Living, Hairdressers, Allied Health and Medical Services.

    This freeform conversation includes responses to questions such as:

    • How important is testing as part of the recruitment process?
    • Have you got a favorite psychometric test that you use?
    • How did you move into leadership roles and any tips for aspiring people managers?


    With 30 years’ experience as a Human Resources manager, including 11 years in heavy and hazardous industry, (Oil, Gas and Mining), Lori Luhrmann focused on Leadership Development and behavioural and cultural change through training, experiential learning and coaching.

    Lori created Safety cultures in work environments in Africa, USA, Canada, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Trinidad and Tobago, UK, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

    From starting her career as a jockey (jockette) at age 14 in country New South Wales, Lori seeks to make a difference and approaches her work with passion. 


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Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

The Manage Self, Lead Others podcast on C-Suite Radio is a show for experienced and aspiring people managers to explore ways to elevate and transform... Read More