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  • #3: Working From Home Productivity, with Nina Sunday

    This episode we're turning the mic around for a reverse interview with Nina Sunday by Pip Savaris, one of Nina's inhouse assistants.

    Nina shares the biggest no-nos she observes most of the workforce is doing which actually contributes to people feeling under pressure and out of control.

    Nina Sunday recently conducted a client survey which showed the number one issue for people working from home (as well as in-office) is how to overcome feelings of overwhelm and mind churn (where the mind keeps going over and over everything they have to do).

    'Multi-tasking is a myth', says Nina Sunday. 'It's really switch-tasking. Neuroscience tells us this start/stop/start activity is interruptive and tough on our brains. In fact, it costs us time instead of saving time, and makes us prone to mistakes. It also saps our energy.'


    Certified Virtual Presenter, Nina Sunday (CSP, BA, Dip Ed), is an international virtual presenter and face-to-face workshop leader in Australia on productivity, communication and workplace culture.

    Producer of the business podcast, Manage Self, Lead Others Nina Sunday interviews key experts in self-leadership and leading others, highlighting emerging trends since COVID.

    Her book, Workplace Wisdom for 9 to thrive; Proven Tactics and Hacks to Get Ahead in Today’s Workplace’ is a selection of the C-Suite Network Book Club.

    Founder and Managing Director of training company, Brainpower Training Pty Ltd,, she leads a team of Facilitators Australia-wide.

    Video version available here:

    Invite Nina Sunday as a virtual speaker for your conference globally, or in-person in Australia, or to lead a one-day workshop or series. Visit or

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Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

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