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  • #8: Mistakes managing a remote team with Kirk Fisher

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    Based on the findings of a recent Gallup global meta-analysis of 62,965 business units and teams and published in the organizational science journal, Human Performance, May 2020, Nina Sunday interviews Australian Leadership expert, Kirk Fisher.

    This global study identifies five attributes that differentiate resilient business unit cultures from others:

    1. Clear expectations.

    2. Right materials and equipment.

    3. Opportunities for employees to do what they do best. 

    4. Connection to the mission or purpose of the organization.

    5. Coworkers committed to quality work. 

    Talking points include:

    • COVID as an opportunity to reinvent what we do and how we do it
    • Communication, connection, feedback. If you’ve been doing it a little bit; now you need to do it a lot!
    • Importance of one-on-one meetings (conversations).
    • Meetings – don’t mix remote and in-person attendees. If one is remote, make everyone remote.
    • How does a manager develop their EQ?
    • What is the silver lining in COVID?
    • Where do you find hope?


    'Is Your Culture Resilient Enough to Survive Coronavirus'. 

    Video version can be viewed here:

    About Nina Sunday CSP

    In the Manage Self, Lead Others podcast, Nina Sunday speaks with key experts from across the globe who share their insights in self-leadership and leading others, highlighting emerging trends since COVID.

    A Certified Virtual Presenter, Nina Sunday present virtually internationally on workplace culture, productivity and communication. Her book, ‘Workplace Wisdom for 9 to thrive; proven tactics and hacks to get ahead in today’s workplace’ is a selection of the C-Suite Book Club. 

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Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

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