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  • #14: Workplace Learning with Nigel Paine, former Head of Learning at BBC Television.

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    • Google’s Project Oxygen was an evidence-based approach focusing on changing manager behaviour by identifying the 8 good behaviours of a manager. More recently another 2 behaviours have been identified by Google, to make 10 good behaviours.

    • The Big Reset Playbook: What’s Working Now’ published August 2020, by Josh Bersin Academy describes the React – Respond – Return – Transform cycle.

    • Build back better. Make it a better world, better for your employees, more productive, more customer-focused. It’s a pathway to transformation.

    • Presenteeism leads to people just doing the minimum.

    • People in organisations won't want to be told when COVID is over to just come back to work. People want flexibility and have their needs listened to and met.

    • The rise of trust and support; working from home has forced managers to trust and be supportive of their employees.

    • The launch of Sanofi University in March was accompanied by a company-wide challenge to achieve one million hours of learning by June.

    • Amid COVID, some organizations are tightening the purse strings and won't do any learning until they know for certain what's happening. They see learning as a cost. Are they the ones not to thrive when recovery happens? We need to learn new things. We need to try new approaches. We need to innovate. We need to reframe, and how you can do those things without learning?

    • When a manager says, ‘Don’t think, just do’, that's a recipe for disaster. It's going to require an innovative, adaptive approach moving forward into the future.

    • Organisations are reassembling themselves as they're going along. Some organisations have turned on a pinhead. 

    • There is a difference between individuals in organisations learning and organisational learning. 

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    As former Head of BBC Television's Learning and Development operation, Nigel Paine's team developed a comprehensive leadership development program for over 6,000 staff, an award-winning intranet, and state of the art informal learning and knowledge sharing networks.

    With a Professorship from Napier University in Edinburgh, Nigel Paine is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and a Masie Learning Fellow in the USA. 

    Speaking regularly at conferences around the world, Nigel teaches on a doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania and for Chicago Booth Business School. 

    He presents a monthly TV program (Learning Now TV) and shares a weekly podcast (with Martin Couzins), 'From Scratch'.


    His most recent book, 'Workplace Learning', published January 2020, focuses on Learning Organisations and Learning Culture. Available from Kogan Page - - use code FRIENDSOFNIGEL for 20% discount and free postage and packing in the UK and USA.

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