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  • #13: The Power of Attitude with Mark Schulman, P!NK's drummer,

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    Effective leaders empower the people they lead. Too much 'telling' is autocratic and dictatorial, and doesn't serve those they lead. Being a good listener is a trait of an effective leader. When people feel heard, they feel empowered.

    Great leaders empower the capability of everyone around them. When things go well, they let others take the credit, yet when things go wrong, are willing to take responsibility.



    Attitude drives behavior; consciously shift your attitude and drive different behaviors to produce more desirable consequences

    ·      Why are some people self-motivated, (others not)?

    ·      Can you learn to be more self-motivated?

    ·      We can't always control what happens to us, but we can choose our attitude towards it.

    ·      A.B.C. – Attitude shifts Behavior which produces Consequences

    ·      You can drive motivation by shifting your attitude

    ·      Gratitude is an attitude shift

    ·      The value of recognizing opportunities. (Many people miss opportunities.)

    ·      Purpose generates passion, and passion is motivating.

    ·      Get deeply in touch with why we do something – that’s where motivation comes from.

    ·      If passion starts to wane, the 'why' is the thread keeping it together.

    ·      Entrepreneurs frequently say they failed really big. The key is to use failure as an opportunity to learn and drive more growth and opportunity

    ·      See, taste and smell the end goal.

    ·      It comes down to how you spend your time and who you spend your time with.

    ·      You don't have to be the first, you just need to be the most tenacious! 

    ·      The power of motivation; hacking a rockstar attitude.

    People feel most fulfilled when they contribute to something. Great leaders are the ones that nurture others to bring out the best in them. To retain great people in the workplace, make them feel great, make them feel valuable, make them feel like they contribute to something bigger than themselves.


    Mark Schulman, a rockstar legend in the music world, tours as drummer for P!NK. When off from touring, Schulman is an international speaker on ‘Hacking the Rockstar Attitude’, having previously toured with Destiny’s Child, Billy Idol, Cher and Tina Turner.

    A strategic thinker, Mark Schulman speaks on the power of attitude to executives and CEOs from Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, American Express, Dell. He's currently immersed in writing his soon-to-be-published book, 'The Power of Attitude'.


    Mark Schulman can be contacted through

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Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

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