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  • #48 The Price Whisperer on Pricing, with Per Sjofors

    What mistakes do companies make when pricing their product or service?


    So many companies are leaving money on the table. A small price increase can generate a significant change in profitability.

    How can a company follow price optimization for competitive advantage and increased profitability?


    Mistake: Companies often incentivize their salespeople on revenue generated, rather than on profits.


    Mistake: Many companies fear the uproar of a price change and hold prices at the same level for too long, ignoring changes in costs, competitive environment and customer preferences.


    Keeping customers informed of price changes can, in reality, be a component of good customer service.


    Tell us about Predictive Sales Analysis. 


    Per Sjofors is a thought leader in everything pricing and a sought-after conference keynote speaker.

    Founder of Sjofors & Partners and an expert in data-driven predictive pricing, he appears regularly on podcasts and business radio shows and is quoted in the financial press including Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Industry Week, Business Insider and the Financial Times.

    During over 25 years of executive management experience he gained an appreciation for the importance of optimal pricing.

    As a serial entrepreneur, running companies in Europe and the US, he led pricing experiments. Some worked spectacularly well.


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