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  • #17 Using Design Thinking to Solve Wicked Problems with Mo Fox

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    Simple problems are straightforward. Complex problems are mechanical or technical. Wicked problems, you cannot solve provably; lots of possible solutions, messy.

    Biggest issue: we don’t accept wicked problems are wicked.

    Surge capacity is the energy level needed to respond to a crisis. Surge capacity depletion - where do I find the energy to deal with the crisis after I’ve used it all going above and beyond in order to rise to the occasion?

    Design thinking involves focusing on what works. Focus on 20%, what are your key principles and your number on objective? This creates the 80% of the benefit you are getting

    The human-centered bit is the most important thing about design thinking; it is always around empathy.

    Instead of trying to control everything, see the energy, the power, the imagination, the innovation and all that comes from doing what’s important well. Taking how people work naturally and their strengths and letting them fly with it allows people to give you more of themselves.

    Instead of focusing on the problem Focus on what you want to create. Sit in the mess for longer to see and feel how it works.

    People get nervous about right and wrong. Instead, reflect on the idea. Is it working? Isn’t it? Is it adding value? Isn’t it?

    See what’s going on, get lots of information and do your research. Reflect upon it and start coming up with ideas. Then try stuff and navigate by doing.


    Fox, Mo, 'Wicked Wisdom: Creative approaches to the problems that drive us crazy' Available from

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Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

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