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  • #41 Become a CEO, with Barbara Wilby

    How does someone start to think about being a CEO or any C-suite position?

    1. Break the task into component parts – leading self, leading others, leading the enterprise.

    2. Be honest with yourself about what you’re good at and not good. Ask youself, 'Can I make the leap from contributor to leader?'

    3. For any CEO role, look at the Board and major shareholders and ask, 'Could I have a good partnership with these people? Am I the right fit?'

    To prepare to become CEO, take a structured approach with these 5 phases:

    1. Creative Foundations – your values, purpose, what sort of organisation you want to lead, strengths, experience and skills and also how you are perceived.

    2. Get context and role-specific - strengthen skills and demonstrate performance across the 9 areas of CEO competency; be crystal clear on your strengths and derailers.

    3. Presentation and practice - about the narrative of where you would take the organisation; SCR model.

    4. Interviews – why would we trust you with leading the organisation? Personal qualities, skills, experience and how you would plug your gaps. 99 questions list.

    5. Transition – the plan for time management, communications, short and medium term hires and exits.

    Why do the work of preparation?  

    Because you have so much coming at you, so fast, these days you need to have your stuff together!  Be the best equipped you can.


    Barbara Wilby specialises in succession and transition for senior executives and organisations. With an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, Barbara works with executives transitioning to CEO and is a sounding board for CEOs and senior executives globally.


    contact Barbara Wilby at


    Author of ‘Workplace Wisdom for 9 to thrive; the 12 soft skills everyone needs to know for workplace success' , Nina frequents the speaking stage, in-person in Australia/New Zealand and virtually to international audiences from a professional studio on transforming team culture through Second Curve Thinking and constant reinvention.

    With a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education, and graduate of the 3-year program of the Australian Film, TV and Radio School, Nina worked as Production Manager in television, before founding the training organisation, Brainpower Training Pty Ltd, now leading a team of Facilitators Australia-wide.

    Nina is a past chapter president of Professional Speakers Australia, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and twice-certified CVP (Certified Virtual Presenter) which means she can present virtually for any timezone globally.

    If Manage Self, Lead Others inspires you, you can book Nina as a speaker for your conference visit . Brainpower Training's face-to-face and online workshops in Productivity, Communication, Leadership or Change and will take your team to the next level. Visit:

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    The Manage Self, Lead Others podcast is mainly for experienced and aspiring managers to explore ways to elevate and transform team culture. Each week, Nina Sunday speaks with key experts from Australia and across the globe who share their insights in self-leadership and leading others. Fiercely Australian. Fiercely global.

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Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

The Manage Self, Lead Others podcast on C-Suite Radio is a show for experienced and aspiring people managers to explore ways to elevate and transform... Read More