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  • EP 009 Courtney Ross, CFMP, CPT at Moxie Fitness

    Courtney Ross truly has a passion for fitness, personal wellness, and what can be accomplished with the body. Her love for self-improvement was born of a variety of factors. She certainly didn't think she’d be making the body the main focus of her life when she grew up. Having an early modeling background, Courtney was always acutely aware of her body, but she had no idea how to care for and nourish it.​

    A minor surgery flipped the switch for Courtney. Sitting still for the extent of her recovery was very challenging. It changed her views on how one can care for themselves and the need for movement in life. This began her journey to understand how the body works and how to create her best self. The more she learned the more she changed for the better. This trickled into every area of her life. Change didn't happen overnight, but eventually... a light bulb went on: "I can help other people do this too!" That was 14 years ago and she hasn’t looked back. Since then, she happily continues to learn and grow by studying how the body works both inside and out.  

    Listen to this informative Nutrigenomic Nation episode with Courtney Ross about moving and fueling the body properly. 

    Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

    ●    How functional medical practitioners try to find the root of the illness.

    ●    How the conventional range and the functional range are not the same.

    ●    Why people need to start being much stricter about their diet.

    ●    How eating organic foods does make a difference in people’s bodies.

    ●    Why packaged and processed food has little to no nutritional value. 

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