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  • EP 016 Dr. Brett Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK, and Author at Brimhall Wellness

    Dr. Brett Brimhall has been married to Holly for 23 years and they have 4 children ranging from 20-12. He has been in clinical practice for 19 years and has been training health care providers all over the world since 1995. He and his father have pioneered the 6 Steps to Wellness. He has been part of teaching and creating nutritional supplements and chiropractor tools and techniques. His passion of helping people achieve their full potential in health and now been expanded to helping people with their wealth. In 2014 he had a paradigm shift when he saw changes in patient that he had worked with over a year with new a breakthrough technology. He is on science advisory board with a public traded company and sharing this life changing science and opportunity with the world. 

    Listen to this informative Nutrigenomic Nation episode with Dr. Brett Brimhall about the six steps to wellness. 

    Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show: 

    ●    Why it’s important to work with both physical and emotional wellness.

    ●    How people changing their limiting beliefs, changes how they see the world.

    ●    Why feeling pain means there is something wrong with someone’s body.

    ●    How people improving their functions improves their experience as people.

    ●    Why the traditional model of medicine doesn’t benefit from healthy people.


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