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  • The Delicious Creativity Behind Honey Baked Ham

    Honey Baked Ham CMO Jo Ann Herold oversees a brand with over 400 retail locations, a booming direct-to-consumer business and an indelible brand. She joined Christy Hiler and Jason Falls on Digging Deeper to explain everything from the brand's history to its recent re-branding efforts.

    Honey Baked Ham was founded 60 years ago in Detroit by Harry J. Hoenselaar, who invented the spiral slicer. The brand is bordering on the territory of being a generic label, like Kleenex or White Out. You don't typically hear people saying they're getting just a ham, but a Honey Baked Ham.

    Hear how Jo Ann Herold approaches marketing, creativity and beyond on this week's Digging Deeper.

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