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  • A Dynamo Indeed! Dionna Widder, CRO, Houston Dynamo (MLS)/Houston Dash (NWSL)/BBVA Stadium

    Driven, confident and positive, Dionna Widder's rise to Chief Revenue Officer was no accident. In this high-energy, entertaining episode, Dionna reveals her secrets to succeeding in the sales departments of both low-performing and high-performing teams, the power of being exposed to several teams' cultures within her work at the NBA's TMBO, juggling career and family, and her mission to give women and minorities a voice in the business of sports, including starting her own podcast called Women Blazers.

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The Crowdmakers

The Crowdmakers

Fascinating conversations with the "insiders" of the live event businesss! Hosted by award-winning sports sales expert Bill Guertin, "The Crowdmakers" features leading sports and entertainment... Read More