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  • Parenting in Today's World

    Can you be a full time parent and a full time employee at the same time now? This week's guest, Rai Mosher, and I talk about "invisible parenting' and the challenges facing parents today. She offers wisdom and insight from her experiences and how she combats the stigma of "invisible parenting" with her colleagues and employees, giving them the space to balance parenting and work simultaneously. This is a great episode especially if you're a parent trying to do it all.

    Rainya "Rai" Mosher has been a technology professional for most all of her adult life. Along the way, she also been an international speaker, a vocalist in Europe, and an actress on stage, in commercials, and a couple long-forgotten short films. Most importantly, she's been a parent for 15 of her 20+ years in technology, first to a now-sophomore in high school and then to a currently 4-year-old preschooler. Along the way, Rai has continuously been equal parts transparent about her career and kiddos while also continuously apologizing for falling short in both home and work at different moments in time.

     As the global pandemic puts many knowledge workers into a uniquely challenging scenario of simultaneously being a full time parent and full time employee , Rai is learning to replace the apologies to her colleagues for parenting in real time with an assumption of gratitude for their patience and understanding. She encourages her coworkers -- male and female alike! -- to find the same approach in their own work/life "blender." In turn, Rai is helping to shift the culture around her in small but meaningful ways with the hope of creating lasting change for anyone who finds themselves both an employee and a family member - now and in the future.  

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