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  • Episode 29 - Mindfulness and Resilience: Safety Impact with Alfred Ricci

    From first-responders to workers and leaders, every single job contains elements of stress. Alfred Ricci, founder of First Responder Resilience, created his own methodology for introducing mindfulness and resilience into day-to-day work life. In this episode, we explore the importance of paying attention to your own mindset and to your team members’ mental states to improve focus and situational awareness, ultimately improving safety. Learn how to implement mindfulness and resilience to improve productivity and safety performance!

    Alfred is a keynote speaker, workshop leader, and founder of First Responder Resilience, with 10+ years of experience teaching workshops on personal development, mindfulness, and resilience to first responders and others working in stressful work environments. Alfred used mindfulness and resilience practices to conquer suicidal thoughts while managing the massive stress of corporate work in over 20 countries. His mission is to share the necessary skills to thrive in traumatic work environments

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