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  • Episode 5 - Learnings from the Flin Flon Smelter Explosion: Making workplaces safer

    Brian Humphreys shares the story of the Flin Flon, Manitoba smelter explosion at Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting in his book No Smoke Without Fire; A Recipe for Disaster. He was the safety supervisor on the night of the fatal smelter explosion and details the tragedy and shares perspectives on what can be done to prevent potentially fatal workplace incidents. He touches on the importance of front-line supervision and the importance of a focus on Safety Culture on this episode of the Safety Guru.

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    Over 49 years of experience in steelmaking and mining as a tradesman and as a safety professional, both in the United Kingdom and Canada, has given Brian Humphreys a unique perspective from which to write about the Flin Flon Smelter explosion of 2000 and other workplace incidents that have impacted so many lives. Brian’s goal in writing his first book is to increase awareness by sharing these experiences with others and the lessons that have been learnt from them so they may never again be repeated.

    "No Smoke Without Fire": A recipe for disaster by Brian B Humphreys (Author)

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