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  • Episode 28- Dysfunctional Practices That Kill your Safety Culture with Dr. Tim Ludwig

    Behavioural safety analysis is essential on the part of managers and workers alike to improve safety practices and conditions in the workplace. Today’s guest, Dr. Tim Ludwig, is a renowned safety consultant with 30 years of experience doing empirical research on employee-driven behavioural safety. Tune in to our discussion on common mistakes made by managers and on the effectiveness of observation, risk identification and open communication to find sustainable solutions and create a safer environment for front-line workers.

    The Safety Doc: Dr. Tim Ludwig

    Dr. Tim Ludwig is an expert in behavioural approaches to safety, with 30 years of experience in the field doing empirical research and safety consulting. He did his Ph.D. at Virginia Tech researching the efficacy of employee-driven behavioural safety programs and now does post-doctoral work in industrial engineering and the application of W. Edwards Deming. He is a teacher, sharing his knowledge in behavioural safety not only with Master’s students at Appalachian State University, but also through over 100 keynote speeches delivered around the world. Dr. Ludwig is also founder and director of the Appalachian Safety Summit.

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