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  • Episode 32 - Move your Safety Performance: A view from transportation with Gardner Tabon

    Safety needs to be a constant consideration in every job, especially in the transportation industry. This week’s guest is Gardner Tabon, EVP and Chief Safety Officer for Capital Metro. He shares valuable insights on incorporating safety into the day-to-day of all workers – not just those working in the safety team. Take a listen to learn how to be a safety “solutionist” and engage, inform and educate your employees in all things safety.

    About the Guest

    Gardner Tabon, Capital Metro’s Executive Vice President and Chief Safety Officer has served the industry he has come to love, globally, for over 34 years. Gardner has been with Capital Metro since July 2018, and is responsible for the research, development, implementation, and management of all corporate, occupational, commuter rail, bus, Demand Response, and construction safety, emergency management, and public safety-related programs and initiatives.

    As a part of an industry-wide leadership role and demonstration of his overall commitment to safety and security excellence, he serves as the American Public Transportation Association’s Commuter Rail Safety and Security Subcommittee chair.

    He is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, National Fire Protection Association, Conference of Minority Transportation Officials, and World Safety Organization. He is certified by the World Safety Organization as a certified safety executive and holds a USDOT-required Transit Safety and Security Program or TSSP certification.

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