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  • Episode 15: Fern Pessin How To Manage Employees Who Take Care Of Aging Parents

    What do you do when you suddenly find you're the caregiver for your parent? Now that the tables have turned what are the things you need to integrate taking care of your parent(s)? My Guest today is Fern Pressin is an expert at helping you and your company figure out what to do, find and connect to needed resources and support her clients through the ups and downs, joys and sorrow of taking care of a loved one. Learn about the challenges facing caregivers and what your company can do to help you remain productive in the face of one of life's toughest challenges. Fern Pessin wrote I'll Be Right There! A Guidebook for Adult Caring for their Aging Parents and soon will release her second book "I won't be around forever, you know."

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