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  • 40 How to Continually Improve Your Books - Julie Ann Sullivan

    Julie Ann Sullivan, author of six books, began with a self-printed book. Each of her following books developed in sophistication and broadened outreach, including a best-selling compilation volume. As her career has shifted, so has the focus of her books. Her approach to her career and her writing demonstrates a flexibility and an intuitive grasp of what her audience needs from which any would-be writer can learn.

    Listen to this episode of Writing to Get Business. You’ll discover

    • Ask yourself: What’s your “why” for writing a book.
    • If you give a course, you can increase its value by pairing it with a workbook.
    • The more effectively you can focus on a niche, the more success you’ll have.
    • Participating in a compilation book can provide valuable publicity.
    • When you’re considering writing a book, always consider the time and money investment.

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