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  • 38 Converting a Business Trauma into a Book Jennifer Fondrevay

    Some of the most helpful books develop from the author’s painful experiences. Three traumatic mergers and acquisitions drove Jennifer Frondrevay to embrace the opportunity to help others successfully handle such crises. She has received very rewarding feedback from her readers and ended up with a career as a consultant.

    In this episode of Writing to Get Business, you will learn how becoming an author can be a life-changing experience.

    • If you want to help people by publishing a book that addresses major pain points in their lives, you owe it to them and to yourself to do so.
    • Books that address the current range of crises society faces are especially important.
    • When you consider how to publish it, give special thought to the value of getting it out quickly without sacrificing quality.
    • Although the idea of having a company publish your book may lure you, you may market it more effectively yourself, at less personal cost.
    • Illustrations bring life to the message of your book.

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