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  • VC 3-027 Garry Ridge: Customer experiences, and building a culture that delivers them.

    Garry Ridge is the CEO of WD-40, and has turned "oil in a can" into "Creating positive customer memories". That's not a marketing tagline, it's a visionary mantra. Thus, it creates a lot of virtuous cycles. Everyone in the company understands how their role creates those memories. Every decision is filtered through that standard, and if an idea doesn't create those memories, it gets jettisoned. The company is one tribe, one purpose, not a collection of departments/silos/sub-tribes engaged in internal range wars. Oh, and this culture keeps its happy workers when all around them are suffering from "the great resignation". THere's a lot to learn here, and a lot to emulate. Thanks Garry!

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Customer-perceived value drives all commercial activity, from deciding to click a link, to accepting a requested sales appointment, all the way to the final buying... Read More