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  • VC 2-014 Shadi Ireifej and I Talk About his Well-differentiated Service, and All of the Value it Creates for an Entire Ecosystem

    Shadi Ireifej is a veterinarian/entrapreneur. He's the co-founder of, an innovative veteranary service that helps pet owners "figure out how freaked out they need to be" when their pets have that inevitable midnight emergency. I was impressed with how he combined a few straightforward services into a highly differentiated service. I was even more impressed with how the service brings differentiated value to pets, their owners, their regular veterinarians, and even to emergency 24 hour vet clinics. Thanks for a great conversation, Shadi!

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Customer-perceived value drives all commercial activity, from deciding to click a link, to accepting a requested sales appointment, all the way to the final buying... Read More