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  • VC 3-008 Pete Romano of Segwick and your customer's customer.

    Pete Romano ( founded Segwick to be something other than just another CRM. In fact, he consultatively helps his clients achieve success by building a solution around THEIR customer's buying process, or customer journey. Pete has staked the claim as being a pioneer in CJM, or customer journey management. This is true value focus, and I wanted to share it with you. Nobody buys a CRM for its features...OK, people who end up having failing CRM initiatives do...People buy CRM to help every one of their sales people walk a customer through a buying process. This was the aspiration of CRMs, but it has largely failed. Pete and Segwick want to change all that. Even if you aren't on the market for a CRM, listen to his focus on customer outcomes. It's powerful stuff.

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Customer-perceived value drives all commercial activity, from deciding to click a link, to accepting a requested sales appointment, all the way to the final buying... Read More