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  • Lisa McLeod – From Donuts to Dollars – What’s YOUR Noble Purpose?

    After her first job working at a donut shop, Lisa McLeod later worked for Procter & Gamble in sales and eventually started McLeod & More, Inc. She works with companies to determine their Noble Purpose which is proven to drive better cultures, results and lives. Once a company has it’s Noble Purpose it can become GREAT by aligning all employees behind something bigger than any individual. She learned firsthand when a leader with purpose left and the replacement’s only focus was on results. A leader with no heart pushes people out the door.

    If you want to contact Lisa and learn more go here: - LinkedIn: in/lisaearlemcleod

    Find her book on Amazon: Leading with Noble Purpose: How to Create a Tribe of True Believers

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Leading From the Front!

Leading From the Front!

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