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  • 149: Recalculating What Life Wants To Give Me with Karen Jacobsen

    Holly interviews the GPS Girl, Karen Jacobsen whose everyday mindfulness practice included started doing yoga and meditation some twenty years ago. She became frustrated with herself because her meditation practice was very sporadic. Like so many, she believed that meditation had to be very strictly followed in order to be effective, but what she realized is that it was more about making the commitment to meditate, rather than making it a restrictive practice.

    She became very interested in transcendental meditation. Last year she took a course and has been doing meditation twice a day ever since.

    Questions Holly and Karen explore:

    • How does this inform your creative endeavors?
    • How can this help us choose differently in how we deal with our experiences?
    • How can you put well being above all other priorities?
    • How does the way we phrase descriptions of our experience affect our reality?

    Karen shares that sleep is very important - optimal rest is essential for well being. Meditation fills her well and adds to her ability to be present and notice when she’s going off course. She also believes that meditation allows for the full feeling of human emotion. 

    Choosing the way you recalculate relationship with time, creates powerful change in how we can look at life and its priorities. Karen’s tells more in her book, Recalculate – Directions for Driving Performance Success.

    In 2020, Karen is listening to what life wants to give her. She is releasing a new album with new music as well as a musical memoir full of music, motivation and inspiration. 

    For more information, visit Karen’s website at

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