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  • 137: Breathe Your Way Thru the Holidays One Possibility at a Time with Rebecca Kordecki

    Breath is life!

    After 25 years in a health and fitness career, Rebecca Kordecki always felt along her journey that she was meant to do more in a different way. She was completely focused on working with people from outside in, through fitness and nutrition, but she felt that she was always meant to touch people from the inside out. 

    Her big “Aha” moment came when she discovered breath work three years ago and she realized that she found the tool to help herself and others - from the inside out. She had been excavating through her own work and it became such a great tool that she started teaching it to her clients and in classes. She says that it has never failed her. 

    Holly highlights how different kinds of breath work techniques are the perfect way to insert into applied mindfulness into people’s busy schedules. 

    Rebecca shares that the beauty of breath work has so many facets that will calm, energize, induce sleep, reduce asthma, and release trauma. She suggests Box breathing, or a four by four. It goes as follows: inhale for four counts, hold for four counts, exhale for four counts doing this for six to eight cycles. There are variations that can be applied, such as inhale for four, hold for seven, exhale for eight. The point is to just BREATHE consciously!

    She mentions her teacher, Dan Brulé, the world's foremost expert and renowned pioneer in the field of breathwork, and leader of the worldwide Spiritual Breathing movement. She wanted to share his outlook on playing with every single breath. Play with the inhale, the hold and the exhale. Just breathe... and play! Learn more about Dan at

    The biggest gift you can give yourself is a big inhale and a big sigh of relief exhale. Create space, release anxiety. Create levity. 

    Try incorporating people in whether you’re a busy mom, salesperson, manager, leading a small group, just play with breathing together. 

    The question they presented for audience consideration for the break was:

    • Can I be willing and open to allowing all the possibilities and opportunities that are showing up around me right now? 

    After the break Holly shares that she has a word of the year - this year’s word is “allowing”, which was the perfect segway for being open to the opportunities, and Rebecca’s new book that will be released in 2020: Flip Your Switch. Rebecca got the idea when she was questioned about how she came out of the childhood and addition to cocaine - what was the trick? How did you flip your switch? She feels that surviving these came through many different techniques and the book is a result of gathering her remembrance of all the things that she did to get to where she is, fulfilling her purpose. 

    Rebecca asks, “Do you choose to stand in your story, or on your story and inspire from it and spin gold. 

    She offers a two weekend The Breath Zone Teacher training can be a great way to deepen a personal practice as well as become a teacher of her method. 

    About Rebecca Kordecki (from

    Rebecca Kordecki, the creator of Booty Slide and owner of RK FIT, has enjoyed a robust 20-year career as a Beverly Hills Celebrity Trainer, Group Exercise Teacher, Diet Coach, Corporate Wellness Advocate and Speaker.

    Also, Rebecca is now offering wellness retreats in resort locations. You can spend 3-5 days away with Rebecca and a small group of like-minded people in a beautiful and relaxing setting. During the retreat, you have daily workouts with Rebecca while getting away from the daily grind and with Rebecca’s Booty, Body and Breath approach to refreshing and recharging every aspect of your being, you will head home with valuable tools to sustain a healthy and balanced life.

    You can also find more about Rebecca at: 

    Instagram handle: @rebeccakordecki 

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