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  • 148: Elegance of Simplicity with Sophie McLean

    Connecting the physical reality with quantum reality.

    Holly interviews Sophie McLean, author of Elegance of Simplicity A Wisdom Teacher’s Epic Journey to Awareness.

    Questions they explore:

    • What is the ego?
    • How can we use the ego as a tool in our lives?
    • How would you help people through dealing with the negative aspects of ego?
    • What was Sophie’s journey to writing her book?
    • How are you addressing the misconception that spirituality and mindfulness doesn’t belong in the business world?

    We need energy to survive. Part of the ego is learning what energy keeps us alive. Now we have a world where we have people who survive each other the same way we used to survive in the beginning and Sophie believes this is why we suffer. Holly calls the ego - Expanding God Opportunity.

    We are entering the time of Homo Spiritus!! There is a groundswell movement of people who believe there is more to living than just suffering. 

    Sophie says you cannot survive material existence without an ego! You need to distinguish between your personality and your ego, then you are free to be who you want to be. When you are really connected to your soul, then what you create is directly connected to the Divine. Sophie refers to the Dali Llama: "If you seek enlightenment for yourself you are a fool. If you seek enlightenment for others, then you are wise." 

    Sophie gives an example of doing meditation and all she could think about was where she was going to put her rug. (silent laughter from this transcriber)

    Sophie went on a nine year sabbatical to walk her spiritual journey. She reached a place where she needed to give away what she got out of it. Teachers are people who impart the knowledge gained. As part of her work, Sophie offers a year long course that nurtures participants as they integrate soul work into their lives and elevating the collective consciousness.

    Holly and Sophie close the show with the question: Imagine yourself at the end of your life, what kind of human being would like to have been?

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