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  • 172: Negotiating Your New Life with Greg Williams

    Greg Williams is The Master Negotiator. His experience and proven results in negotiation skills and body language, combined with his knowledge of emotional intelligence, make him a sought-after speaker and​consultant. ​He is a dynamic speaker who engages and motivates audiences by us​ing real life examples from the negotiations he’s participated in to illustrate the principles he shares.

    Questions that Holly and Greg discuss:

    ·     What are you top two or three tips for people to discuss the topics in today’s environment?

    ·     How do we iterate our master skills to meet the needs of today’s changes?

    ·     How insights can be gained by paying attention to body language during negotiations?

    ·     What are some introductory things that people can refine in today’s video environments?

    ·     Are you finding that you’re able to connect with a sense of oneness through body language?

    Everything I engage in works!

    Find more about Greg at or email him at

    Remember, mindfulness matters and so do YOU!

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