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  • 130: A Little Rebellion Goes A Long Way with Doris Schachenhofer

    Leave the mind aside and dive into intuition and your own knowing!

    Holly has some fun with Doris Schachenhofer, international coach and speaker, as they translate thru a multi-language interview. Doris shares how she teaches others to find their intuition and really embrace and trust it.

    Doris talks about staying out of the mind and go with the first thing that comes in the present moment. Stop! Don't go any further.

    She shares 5 Practices of Intimacy and how to really have the courage to do what they really desire. Play with the way you think and feel and the way intuition comes in. She offers the perspective of having our stories, but not being broken by them. She encourages us to focus on feelings of "light" and "heavy" to really navigate and understand what is truly relevant for our lives.

    Questions to ponder during this show:

    Does it feel light or heavy?

    Embodiment gives you a voice - are you losing it?

    How much are you willing to get comfortable with silence?

    What do you know here if you trust yourself?

    What difference are you being?

    How can you use anger as a catalyst for personal change?

    Silence opens possibilities! Take a breath and stay in a moment to see what comes in for you.

    Every wrongness is a STRONGNESS! Doris has always been rebellious in her interactions and has strength in her ability to stand up for herself and have her own back. She examines where to use rebellion to fight for what is right in your life. Unbox and explore how you can use this in your own life and business and see what creativity is unleashed. Be you fully in your joy of creation!

    Find out more about Doris, Her feature on Woman Entrepreneur and the workshops and conversations she is presenting at her website at

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