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  • Rebroadcast - 131: The Golden Book of Humanity: Living As Unconditional Love with Juha Riverhill

    I am love, I am in my heart, I am listening.

    In this episode, Holly interviews Juha Riverhill, spiritual teacher from Finland.

    Juha's inspiration comes from a lifetime of difficulties, from being bullied as a child to a tumultuous divorce in his later years. out of the worst moment of his life. A difficult divorce, overwhelm of the aftermath and the whisper from his spirit guide, Cecelia, led him to channel/write his book, The Golden Book of Humanity.

    Questions Holly and Juha explore include:

    • How did you come to the understanding of spirit guides?

    • What is something that you may be resisting in your life that gives you an opportunity to find a greater guide in your own life?

    • Where do you start and how can you implement a sense of curiosity in your daily life?

    • How can we ponder and practice the mantra I am love, I am in my heart, I am receiving?

    • The Divine approached Juha in many ways from the time he was a child. He asked to be shown the way to communicate on a deeper level with his spirit guides.

    • During a time in Paris, his time with Cecelia and other guides gained clarity and understanding the gifts they could help him bring to the world.

    He set a goal of becoming a spiritual teacher.

    Coming from a Christian background, he always had an understanding of the Holy Spirit, but he came to crave more of a spiritual exploration to a connection with unconditional love. He found this by bringing his living from his head to living in his heart. Through this it fulfilled an aching heart and created a raised vibrational state of sending and receiving perfect unconditional love with his life.

    Find out more about Juha's book here.

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