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  • 142: Mindful Research with Dawson Church, PhD

    Love yourself enough!

    Join Holly as she interviews Dawson Church, PhD, and they discuss how science is proving the affects of living a mindful life on the body. 

    In his book, Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality Dr. Church shares:

    “As Mind to Matter drops each piece of the scientific puzzle into place, it leaves us with a profound understanding of the enormous creative potential of our minds. It also gives us a road map to cultivating these remarkable brain states in our daily lives.”

    So many people are skeptical of meditation, but Dr. Church’s brain science is proving that mindfulness creates vast health benefits. 

    At one time in his life, he was one of those skeptical people. He suffered from depression, anxiety and PTSD from his early childhood. He joined a spiritual community and joined an ashram for several years and studied psychology to fix his own suffering. Around 2000 he got into energy psychology and committed to a daily meditation practice. His entire life changed. 

    In the ashram they directed, “Sit down, be still, close your eyes, clear your mind.” Well, the mind doesn’t clear itself. He set about studying science and how the brain reacts to how the body reacts to seven simple steps of the method he’s created and shares in his book, Mind to Matter.

    Some of the questions that Holly and Dr. Church explore are:

    • How do you maintain and have emotional regulation once your eyes are not longer 
    •  closed for meditation? 
    • Did you know there is an emotional control network in your brain?
    • How would you advise people to find and make time for meditation?
    • How do little introductory tools create bigger results? 
    • How can this industry support and change the narrative to preventing stress, rather
    •  than a reactive state?

    In his book, he shares a story from the first chapter of Graham Phillips, who was a television show Catalyst in Australia. He and his camera team and did a study of him for eight weeks. The results were astounding! This study biologically proved that meditation and mindfulness can actually produce growth of the emotional control network parts of the brain. 

    Energy is where it all begins. When you change your energy field, it affects the world around you in a very direct way. 

    Meditation is the foundation. Dr. Church offers more than thirty options, of which he states that two are the most essential; meditation and tapping. These have dramatic effects on PTSD, weight control, anxiety and traumas. His studies have revealed that over the course of one week many participants lower cortisol, the stress hormone, by more than 30%. 

    He claims that results can be produced in as little as fifteen minutes a day. He suggests using aides to help get started. Guided meditations are very helpful. 

    Shadow work is very important to address the past and work on traumas to shift into a powerful state of mind and body. Clearing our own past issues helps release old triggers from the past. 

    When people are in tune with non local mind their brain activity changes. Huge surges of oxytocin occur, and the brain actually gets to an “at one with everything” state. Tuning in to the universe if you will. In “flow” state of consciousness, people are five times more productive and creativity doubles!

    Don’t just get the book and read it but help by giving him a review about how it helps change and create a mindful world!

    Will YOU commit to 15 minutes every morning to meditate and see how it can change your life? Don’t check your phone or the news, start your day with meditation! Love yourself enough to give yourself this start!

    Find out more about Dawson’s work at

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