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  • 043: Care4Me - An Assignment Bigger Than Me with LeAnn Thieman

    When faced with a harrowing decision, LeAnn Thieman turned to her higher power to ask for guidance. In that moment, clarity and confidence enveloped her and she knew going to Vietnam to save orphaned babies was what she was supposed to do. In the midst of a war zone, LeAnn helped to care for and save thousands of children from an uncertain future by assisting their travel to a new life in the United States as part of the Operation Babylift project. 


    Today, LeAnn uses her unique experience to help healthcare workers take care of themselves through her Self Care for Health Care program. Through her work as a speaker and author of 14 of the Chicken Soup books, LeAnn shares her inspirational insights to help others to find a life balance through mindful practices. 


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    Key Takeaways: 


    [2:46] During the Vietnam War, LeAnn was thrown into the Operation Babylift project. 

    [9:35] LeAnn’s son is an All American Boy from Vietnam. 

    [12:34] Writing and expressing her emotions helped LeAnn to heal after the experience. 

    [15:25] CARE4ME is LeAnn's process for helping her, and others, to stay mindful every day. 

    [25:17] Recommended Reading: LeAnn’s book, Balancing Life in Your Warzones. 


    Mentioned in This Episode: 


    Balancing Life in Your Warzones, by LeAnn Thieman 


    Books by LeAnn Thieman 



    100 babies lay three and four to a cardboard box, strapped in a gutted cargo jet. Saigon was falling — and LeAnn was caught up in Vietnam Orphan Airlift. Believing we all have individual “war zones,” LeAnn’s poignant yet humorous presentations and books motivate people to balance their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually every day. She Authored Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul and Balancing Life in Your Warzones, Self Care for HealthCare plus 12 more Chicken Soup titles. 



  Care for Health Care  



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