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  • 045: Global Mindfulness: Culturally Confused or Curious Experiential Human with Aida Vazin MA, LMFT

    As a first-generation immigrant to the U.S., in high school, Aida Vazin found herself in a multicultural melting pot. As a natural observer, she found more similarities than differences in the family lives of her classmates, even though many had varying cultural and religious backgrounds. Aida built upon her experiences by studying psychology, anthropology, and cultural dynamics to gain a unique perspective on cultural identity. She has dedicated her career to assisting other first-generation immigrants to embrace their history and culture through mindfulness and the power of choice. She joins Host Mike Domitrz, to share her enlightening perspective. 


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    Key Takeaways: 


    [2:23] Aida’s cultural upbringing led her to specialize in cultural dynamics and mindfulness. 

    [9:00] Was becoming “Americanized” part of Aida’s cultural confusion or adaptation? 

    [12:41] How to ask questions to make people feel culturally safe. 

    [16:47] How to use mindfulness in all areas of your life, including the food you eat. 

    [21:52] There is no moving forward in a relationship without trust. 


    Mentioned in This Episode: 


    The Anatomy of a Healthy Relationship Program by Dr. Ismail Yassai Ph.D. 


    The Presence Process, by Michael Brown  



    Aida Vazin is a licensed marriage and family therapist 

    — with GPS Counselor — specializing in the psychology of relationships. Aida works with 1st-generation immigrants that are struggling to adapt to the 

    lifestyle and social environment of the United States while trying to balance the expectations and obligations imposed by their family of origin. Aida also works with bicultural couples and blended families that are trying to gain more understanding when cultural differences arise. Aida studied at UCLA and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a background in psychology, sociology, and cultural anthropology. 






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    Yes Means Yes: An Introduction to Consent and Boundaries a book for young people by Christine Babinec. 

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