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  • Popcorn and Compliance: Aquaman

    In this podcast series, recovering screenwriter (and Mr. Monitor) Jay Rosen and myself will indulge in passion for the movies by looking at them through the lens of compliance. Jay is a contemporary movie fan and I am more of a classic movie maven so we present a well-rounded view of the movie fandom. So if you want to indulge in your love for the movies with two guys who are passionate about Hollywood and get some ideas for your compliance program, this is the podcast series for you. Today, we are joined by a special guest commentator, Lisa Fine, co-founder of the podcast Great Women in Compliance. For this week’s offering, today we look at the DC-universe hero,Aquaman. Some of the highlights include:  Ø  Hero take a journey is great troupe.Ø Aquaman’s star Jason Momoa appears to be in on the joke and has a ton of fun.Ø Nicole Kidman plays an usual role in this film.Ø Does the cinematography work in the numerous underwater shots? Ø The special effects and battle scenes were great. Ø Tom and Lisa give the move a ¾ bucket of popcorn as they both felt the script could have been more faithful to the original origin story. Ø  Jay gives the movie not only a full bucket of popcorn but an overflow basket as well. The Compliance takeaways: 

    1.    When you are on the compliance journey always remember from whence you came. Use the best of both worlds when melding culture. 2.    Use the best of both worlds when melding corporate culture. 3.    Tone at the Top-the kingdom of Atlantis is not well run and it starts from the top.4.    Use social media to communicate your compliance program-the financial success of the movie has been attributed in part to the studio’s use of social media in its marketing campaign. 5.    Get out of the office-another contributing factor to the success of the marketing campaign was the worldwide tour by the cast. 6.    High risk does not mean no, it means high risk management-Director James Wu wanted crisp underwater scenes particularly involving hair movement. Industrial Light and Magic had to invent an entire new process for making the hair movement more realistic. 

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Popcorn and Compliance

Popcorn and Compliance

Do you love the movies? Are you passionate about compliance? If the answer to one or both of those questions is Yes; this is the... Read More