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  • BSP 064: Marketing Masters by Connie Pheiff

    Connie Pheiff, author of Marketing Masters: Ready, Set, Grow Your Market, talks about creative marketing, merging old-school marketing with digital strategy and “friend-raising.” Pheiff’s background is in the non-profit sector and the most common challenge they face is how to market without spending a lot of dollars, but still increase the bottom line. She says the solution is creative marketing, which she defines as “getting out, stepping out and getting to know your audience.” It’s about knowing what will make peoples’ lives easier, solve their pain points and putting “service before sales.” Once your audience sees you’re there for them, they’ll turn around and give you what you want. Pheiff encourages making connections with people before you go asking them for money, which is what she refers to as “friend-raising.” She says, “Find out where your audience hangs out and go there.”

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