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  • BSP 037: The CMOs Periodic Table by Drew Neisser

    Drew Neisser, author of The CMOs Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing, takes an interesting approach to marketing by merging science and the periodic table with principles of marketing. He also stresses how no marketing solution is one element, but many. Neisser also lists the three most essential traits for a marketing renegade to possess:

    • Non-linear thinker

    • Allow serendipity to happen

    • Understand the power of “and”

    Neisser also describes how the most successful CMO is Courageous, Artistic, Thoughtful, Scientific or CATS. Courageous refers to the notion of doing something outside the box in order to move forward or get ahead. Artistic, (or Artful), refers to the important of ‘artisticness’ and being curious about one’s environment. Thoughtful refers to thinking more about the world and your customers rather than yourself or the brand. Scientific is applying the scientific method to marketing – understand the conditions of satisfaction, set a hypothesis and test your way to success.

    Neisser wants readers to walk away with these takeaways: there isn’t a one-size fits all or theory that fits all marketing, you need to adjust and keep adjusting (much like the scientific method) and never forget the basics.

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