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  • BSP 047: Media Secrets: A Media Training Crash Course by Jess Todtfeld

    Jess Todtfeld, author of Media Secrets: A Media Training Crash Course, talks about the importance of having c-suite leaders properly media trained – not just for television, but for print, internet,and digital as well. In today’s media world where anyone can do a Facebook Live interview, the digital footprint is almost instantaneous and not having the right media skills, Todtfeld says, is a mistake. However, the biggest mistake c-suite executives make is winging it – being overconfident when talking about their company or product because they’ve done it before. Todtfeld argues that “winging it as a strategy is clunky and then they stumble.” The solution to this mistake is “thinking about the answers you wish you’d say, then work on those.” This practiced approach helps smooth out any bumps and keeps interviews authentic.

    Todtfeld offers a few techniques to produce quotable soundbites: provide clear calls to action from your audience and leading with value. He also believes every question is a jumping off-point and an opportunity to garner a reaction from the audience. He encourages executives to find out what works for them in order to be authentic and to remember there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to being interviewed.

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