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  • Leadership Through Authentic Connection with Kerry Walls and Adam Kipnes

    As a business coach in a Leadership Development consulting

    firm, Kerry moved up from individual consultant to CEO, leading

    the company when the founder stepped out of the business. She

    supported key executives of an anchor client to increase their

    revenues by 25%, to over 20 million.

    As a professional who has spent the majority of her career focused on building family businesses and

    partnerships, she understands the nuances and common challenges. Her experience has taught her the

    importance of people, relationships, communication, and coordinated action as the foundation for all

    business success. Replicating the wisdom and values of the founder while allowing the next generation

    of leadership the latitude to bring their own approach to an established business creates fulfillment and

    ingenuity – this delicate balance is worth honoring to create loyalty and ownership.

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The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

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