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  • SHIFT your THOUGHTS to SHAPE your WORLD with Lorenzo Hickey and Adam Kipnes

    Lorenzo Hickey has helped form 18 leading-edge startup companies. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & MBA from Pepperdine University. He has experience growing several organizations with thousands of employees, partners and customers while leading as an executive in charge of all facets of running the business.

    In the past 4 years, he left his role as an SVP at a top 5 banking institution to focus on entrepreneurial and small business clients. His passion and drive for helping others is constant and unstoppable. Most recently SHAPESHIFT World has launched an on-line and mobile marketplace that curates’ sales, partnerships and members that are intent on making a difference using collaboration called the Elevate Marketplace. Our core belief and founding principal as a community of likeminded entrepreneurs, we all believe in The Power of WE elevates ME.

    BANKCODE is one of our many tools to ensure we are focused on people, process and profits.

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    Text “CodeMe” to the phone number 72000

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The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

Lessons You Can't Learn in School