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  • Stop Talking, Start Networking with Ryan Narus and Adam Kipnes

    Ryan Narus. Undergrad in Psychology '09, MBA '16 with a concentration in business analytics statistics, both from Wake Forest University. I'm a millennial real estate entrepreneur that's purchased 9 mobile home parks, spanning roughly 1,100 pads or ~$20MM in acquisitions in 4 years. But here's the thing. I started with nothing. No money. No Experience. No network. In fact, it was worse! I had more student loan debt than equity capital for deals. One day I woke up, sick of feeling stuck at my job, and feeling lied to that a great degree would guarantee me a job. So, I busted excuses, and my butt, made big sacrifices, and flash forward years later and I own my own company. Now that I've found my financial and time freedom, I'm dedicated to helping others find theirs. I don't have anything for sale. I simply love helping people and connecting folks with others. I'm a networking junkie!

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The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

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