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  • Adam Kipnes Interviews Will Moreland 3 Steps to Success on The Entrepreneur's MBA Podcast

    Dr. Will was raised in one of the roughest cities in America. Growing up in Compton was no piece of cake, surrounded by gangs, drugs and murder, and having a father in jail, didn’t make things easier. Throw in a low self-esteem, a speech impediment and you have the beginning of Dr. Will’s journey. After many tough years in California, Dr. Will made the choice to join the Army. It was in the Army when he began to transform his life. Committing himself to personal development and education, Dr. Will started to see changes in his life. Earning his Doctorate degree at the age of 27 he was ready to go to work. When Dr. Will was released from the Army with an Honorable Discharge, he was passionate about helping others discover the power of Leadership and Personal Development and started his company to help individuals, organizations and associations develop their leadership potential. For the last 15 years, Dr. Will has traveled to over 40 different countries to train leaders and organizations, he has written over 40 books and has received multiple awards over the years for his work in mentoring, business and professional speaking. He has been married to his beautiful wife Dr. Kristie for 20 years and they have two wonderful children, Karah and Champ. The family has lived in Arizona since 2010. The Entrepreneur's MBA

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The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

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