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  • Getting a Fast No with George McGehrin and Adam Kipnes

    For close to 20 years, George has run a national executive search/recruiting firm mostly dealing with executive search and leadership at the C-Suite level such as CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO, CIO roles throughout the US, Europe, and South America. Clients include small startups to global organizations, most companies that you will have heard of or products that you have been impacted by. Besides managing his recruiting firm, he also works with similar executives in terms of helping them empower their careers, bothon the branding and coaching side of the business. His LinkedIn can be found here:

    Interesting Things About George (Non Business Related):

    • Ran first 80K (50 mile ultramarathon), 8 hours and 30 minutes event in Peru before ever having participated in a full marathon, only having had completed 21 km events. To date: Has completed five ultramarathons and four marathons throughout different parts of the world.

    • Has a vacation home in Miraflores(Lima), Peru, where he spends the Summers.

    • Decided to start a business, literally at the unemployment office waiting to learn how much his unemployment check would be, after getting laid off in 2000.

    • Life changing experience: spent three solid months working and living at the 9-11 clean-up site in Staten Island, NY, where all of the debris was brought from Manhattan to later be examined for evidence. Life changing experience to see the magnitude of the 9-11 damage up-close. In the end, they were able to identify 1200 victims at that site. Everyday was an emotional one, to say the least.

    • Probably the world’s worst deep-sea fisherman, at-least on the US Atlantic coast.

    Specializations: • Career Branding • Executive Branding & Coaching • Career Job Search Strategy • Career Coaching • Business Development Strategies with C-Suite Audiences • Entrepreneurial startups • Executive recruitment

    George's Quotes:

    “I’ve been wrong on a lot of things with our business. Dreaming bigger isn’t one of them though.”

    “It really comes down to who has more discipline; you or time.”

    “Our most successful businesses that were started and continue to thrive for close to 20 years now, were all “mistakes” turned into businesses.”

    “Don’t listen to your parents, friends or colleagues. If you have a dream or an idea that you want to pursue, then make it happen. Their approval or non-approval is irrelevant. It’s usually their own fear that they are projecting upon you, so don’t let your parents’ handicaps be yours. You owe it yourself to live the best possible life.”

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